Electronics Recycling
Southampton Township Trash Collection can not accept any electronics for recycling.

The following sections provide links or information on how to properly handle electronics - Recycle them!

Local Options for Electronics Recycling:

Best Buy Stores:
As part of Best Buy's Electronics Recycling program, residents can recycle nearly all electronic items, including tube TVs up to 32", DVD players, home and car audio, MP3 players, desktop or laptop computers, cell phones, small electrics, fans and vacuums. Visit the Best Buy web site to determine if your electronic item can be recycled.

Computer Ministry:
Computer Ministry accepts any brand of computer equipment in any condition  free of  charge, as well just about anything that can be connected to a computer. The computer equipment is reused, redistributed or recycled depending on condition.  They Do not accept televisions for recycling.  For more information visit http://www.compministry.org/
The Computer Barn:
The Computer Barn accepts many electronic equipment from Business and Residential Customers. There are fees for recycling.  Please check their website for their fee schedule.
  For more information visit http://www.thecomputerbarn.com/#!recycling/cc26

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Are you ready to get rid of those annoying ELECTRONICS? 
Cumberland County has opened its
Electronics Recycling Center

Cumberland County Recycling Center


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