Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected once per week.  The pickup schedules for each township are listed on this web site
For more information regarding your collection day please call the Southampton Township Trash Collection Office at (717)532-7685
Items to Place in the Cart

Place all trash in plastic bags, if possible, and secure the bags to help prevent spillage and keep the container clean. Other materials, such as tree branches, should fit easily into the cart to insure ease of unloading. The maximum cart weight when full is 150 lbs. Lid should be able to close.

Prohibited trash includes:
    • Hot ashes or coals.
    • Hazardous waste (paints, oils, poisons, corrosives, batteries).
    • Concrete, rocks, large pieces of metal, tile, dirt
 Best Cart Placement
    • Place your tote at the end off your driveway with the wheels facing the house on the evening prior to your scheduled pick-up day.
    • The handle of your container should point toward your house.(Arrows on the top of the container should point towards the street)
    • Place your container 5 ft away from all obstructions (cars, poles, recyclables, additional containers, etc…)
    • The container must be accessible to the automated collection truck and not be blocked by obstacles such as trees, parked cars, mailboxes, basketball hoops and poles, holiday arches and powerlines. (Drivers will not move improperly placed containers.)
    • Bag your trash to prevent spills
    • Do not overfill your container
    • Make sure that the lid can be shut with ease
    • Household garbage should be put inside the township-provided container.
Cart Damage or Replacement
For replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen carts, contact:
Southampton Township Trash Collection Office at (717) 532-7685.

Missed Pick-ups
If your trash was not picked up on your regular collection day, contact:
Southampton Township Trash Collection Office at (717) 532-7685.


Office Hours

8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
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