How To Set Out Your Tote For Trash Collection



All trash must be out the night before your pickup day. If your trash is not out, it will not be picked up until you next scheduled pick up day.


The picture displays the correct placement of your tote for pickup on collection day.


All trash containers must be placed next to the street, with the handle towards the house.


incorrect 1


The picture displays a container that is incorrectly placed for pickup on collection day. The tote is too close to the mail boxes.

  This placement slows down the trash collection process.


trash containers


All trash must be canned, boxed, bagged, or bundled. Please, no loose trash, no cans or bags over 50 lbs. If it is too heavy for one man to lift, it will not be taken


Trash must be contained within the tote and not spilling out as displayed in the photo.


The trash limit is 95 gallons of trash on a weekly basis per paying customer.


Trash must be from your house. No extra trash from friends,

neighbors or relatives.(Each trash tote holds 95 gallons)


Extra Garbage

Your monthly rate does not cover the collection of garbage that does not fit easily in your tote when the lid is closed.

Extra bags of garbage bags can be purchased at the
Southampton Township Office  200 Airport Road Shippensburg, Pa 17257



Office Hours

8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm
8 am - 4 pm


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Cumberland County Recycling Center


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